Space is the next big frontier and at Skyroot we are on a mission to Open Space for all by making Spaceflight affordable, reliable and regular.

Affordable, On-demand and reliable ride to space.

Vikrams Rocket with Boosters and Satellite in Cargo.I01 1 Vikram Series Vikram Series

  • 80 kg to 100 km Altitude
Vikram s

  • 480 kg to 500 km Low Inclination Orbit
  • 290 kg to 500 km SSPO
Vikram I

  • 595 kg to 500 km Low Inclination Orbit
  • 400 kg to 500 km SSPO
Vikram II

  • 815 kg to 500 km Low Inclination Orbit
  • 560 kg to 500 km SSPO
Vikram III

Note: The Vikram Series can meet wide range of orbital inclinations and altitudes. Please contact us for more information.

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Dhawan II



Indian launch startup Skyroot successfully tests rocket engine for Vikram II

Hyderabad-based space tech start-up Skyroot Aerospace, which last year became the first private company from the country to launch a rocket into space, on April 4 announced

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Cryo Firing



India’s first private cryogenic engine test fired by Skyroot

In just over a year since they completed fabrication of a prototype engine, Skyroot Aerospace, a firm founded and led by former Isro scientists, has successfully tested India’s first privately developed fully

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kalam firing



Skyroot successfully test fires India’s first privately-made solid rocket stage

Rocket launch startup Skyroot is closing out 2020 with a key milestone in the development program for their Vikram-I launch vehicle:

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Liquid Firing



India’s space tech startup Skyroot succeeds with upper-stage engine fire test

The private space launch industry has expanded significantly since the debut of SpaceX, but some markets, like India, are just now getting the regulatory support to clear the way for private players to participate.

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